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Pilar Enrich nominated for Visual Artist of the Year at the Latin-UK Awards 2015.

This nomination recognizes Pilar Enrich’s contribution to the arts and to the awareness of the

Latin American community in the United Kingdom. These awards, better know as the LUKAS, are voted for by the public. They reflect Britain's burgeoning Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American communities and the popularity of Latin culture in the UK and worldwide.

The work of the London-based Mexican artist includes a diverse range of paintings inspired by her background and personal interests. Her most recent work is centred on concerns about children’s education and its impact on creativity as well as about global water shortage.

“Painting is a way for me to express my thoughts and feelings without words. It has allowed me to reflect on my culture and background and to make sense of my identity as a Latin American living abroad. In this way I am able to speak out about the topics that I care about most”.

Pilar Enrich has participated in several exhibitions such as Fresh Art London (2001), Art on Cows Brussels (2003), Open Studio Show in London (2008), Pinta Art London (2012). In 2014, two of her artworks – one as ‘Enrich2’ in collaboration with her sister Cristina - were also shortlisted for the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts in London. From the start of her career, she has been an active supporter of several Charities in Mexico and in the UK.

The vote is open and the results are to be announced during the LUKAS Gala Ceremony on the 13th May 2015 in London.

To learn more about Pilar Enrich’s past and current work and to contact the artist, visit


What are the LUKAS?

The Latin-UK Awards (LUKAS) is the only awards ceremony to recognize the contribution of Britain’s one million Latin American, Spanish and Portuguese residents. In its second year, it became the most media covered Latin event in UK history, reaching an estimated 8 million people in the UK and Latin America.

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