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Pilar Enrich


Pilar, born in Mexico City, started her career as an artist after winning the the honorary prize in 1993 at the Art Students League in New York. Since then, she has exhibited and sold her art internationally. She has been a Londoner for more than 20 years now.


Originally qualified in business with a Master's degree in Museum Management, she collaborated with the British Museum for the opening of the Mexican Gallery.


Her love of art started very early in her life. She shares the happiness that her art brings to her with others through her continuous charitable work.

Art education

2011 - Ceramics and pottery - Camden Art Centre, London

1999 - Painting - Camden Art Centre, London

1999 - Art Course - Corcoran School of Arts, Washington DC

1997 - Portrait Drawing - Central Saint Martins, London

1996 - Life Drawing Mixed Media - Camberwell College, London

1996 - Oil Painting - Art Students League, New York City

1991 - Contemporary Art Course - École du Louvre, Paris


Academic background

1994 - Master's Degree - Museum Management

City University, London


1991 - BA - Business Management

ITAM Mexico City

"I think that artists should be in constant progression, evolving with their time."

"The concept of beautiful and ugly has been since the beginning of man a relationship of causation; ugly is what is a nuisance for the continuity of species, beautiful is what helps to its continuity."

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