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previous work

Some of my artwork and paintings

"My need to create art comes from a need to communicate my thoughts without words..."

my heart

I started the "mi corazón" (my heart) series after being mistakingly diagnosed with a serious heart problem.


I chose to focus on the heart as a giver of life and asking us not to take for granted the time that we have. A Mexican proverb states that "life hangs from a string and the beauty of it all is not knowing how long that string is".


The painting style purposefully lack perfection much the same as hand-made Mexican craft. This is not about manufacturing perfection but rather the spontaneous and naif style that prevails throughout Mexican markets.



For this series, created in 2001, I was inspired by the controversial “bullfighting", a regular activity whilst living in Mexico that became a cause of regret and concern once I saw it with a different perspective.

mex proverbs

I started with the series of "Mexican proverbs", at a time I was living in New York and London and I was questioning my identity.


Since then, I have used proverbs in different series that I have done mainly for charity work like “The grass is always greener on the other side” (2010), “La familia pequeña vive mejor" (2007), ”El tiempo perdido nunca se recupera" (1996).


More about my charity work .

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