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work in progress

Some of my current sources of inspiration

" is a way to freely share my concerns and to raise ethical questions."



Enrich ventured into ceramics design and created a tableware set including contemporary design on plates and cups. The artist explored the parallels between the place of these dining utensils and their users, discerningly playing with symbolism and metaphor.


Enrich has chosen to use again a spirograph as a tool to symbolise creativity. When deciding her design she chose only one spiro image to cover four plates at a time as being parts of a jigsaw. Hence the name of the set YIGSO. For Enrich, mealtime is to share ideas and feelings, each plate (guest) has its place at the table, and all together make more sense than each one separated.


Thi piece was presented at Zsona MACO 2016 in Mexico City in collaboratuon with Anfora Studio.

how schools...


"How schools kill creativity" inspired by Sir Ken Robinson.


Why don't we get the best out of people? Sir Ken Robinson argues that it's because we've been educated to become good workers, rather than creative thinkers.


Students with restless minds and bodies - far from being cultivated for their energy and curiosity - are ignored or even stigmatized.


The use of a spirograph on a school notebook, emphasizes the fact that kids are naturally creative and that we should nurture that.

no time for boredom


Being the mother of two boys in London, I could not avoid exploring the subject of children’s education.


The "no time for boredom" series analyzes the idea that kids nowadays have too many “classes” and have no time play freely or time to get bored and think out of the box.


I think “not time left to get bored” and “schools kill creativity” are concepts present in every parent’s mind, consciously or unconsciously…

sinking water



I am concerned about the waste of water and the lack of fresh water in the world…With series such as “Sinking water” I would like to create awareness and explore the issue.

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