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Collaboration: Enrich2

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Enrich2 is a collaboration between two mexican sisters producing art together.

Their artistic qualities complement each other: One is a painter and the other one is a photographer.

Pilar lives and paints in London since 1993. She studied at the Arts Students League in NY where she won the honorary prize in 1994. Since then she has been exhibiting and selling her work internationally.

Cristina lives in Shanghai since 2011. After completing her Masters in Film and Video in Washington D.C. in 2001 she worked as a personal assistant for David Adamson's studio where Annie Leibowitz, Chuck Close, David Byrne, William Wegman and Roni Horn print many of their pictures.

With "Ex-photos" they present to us the idea, inspired by the mexican "ex-votos", that it is good to be grateful..... not only when things go wrong and we survive them, but also for the simple pleasures that we have in our everyday lives...

Mexican ex-votos have traditionally been placed in Mexico's Churches (as well as in other Catholic countries) by parishioners wanted to write 'thank you notes' to God, the Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ or one of their Patron saints. These typically depicted with both a crude painting and hand-written text a prayer and a thank you for delivering them from a horrible situation.

Enrich2 choose to combine specific childhood photographs with favorite places in London. The idea is that they bring back memories to Pilar combined with current locations.

Finally the handwriting makes it more unique and personal, reminding us that handwriting itself might be an art form in decline and on the way to extinction in a digital era.

Find out more about "Ex-photos" here.

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