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Fresh Art 2001

London-based Enrich used her work to explore her ambiguous feelings towards customs in her native Mexico such as cockfights and all-in wrestling. At Fresh Art, she exhibited a series of eight bull-fighting scenes in vibrant acrylic and charcoal including one, The Bull is Spared, where the vibrant red-and-black images were punctuated with a splash of white to indicate the white handkerchief that reprieves a particularly impressive bull.

'I have a duality. I still think it's very beautiful, but rationally I am against it,' said Enrich. 'I still have several questions unanswered about bullfighting and until I solve these questions I will carry on,' she added.

Fresh art took place from 27-29 July 2001 at Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street, London N1.

Fresh Art London 2001
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